Building Platonic Solids:
How to Construct Sturdy Platonic Solids from Paper or Cardboard and Draw Platonic Solid Templates With a Ruler and Compass

Second Edition

How can you build sturdy Platonic solids that will hold together through to the last gluing? The templates in this book were designed to answer that question. You can build the solids directly from the templates, or use them as a model to build on colored paper, cardboard, or paper you have colored or painted yourself. The second edition includes also detailed instructions with clear step-by-step images on how to draw the templates with a ruler and compass.


Choosing a Method
     Using Your Own Paper
     Using Template Paper
     1. Tetrahedron
     2. Octahedron
     3. Cube
     4. Icosahedron
     5. Dodecahedron
About Platonic Solids
Hanging Platonic Solids
Drawing the Templates with a Ruler and Compass
     Tetrahedron and Octahedron

Drawing Geometric Solids: How to Draw Polyhedra from Platonic Solids to Star-Shaped Stellated Dodecahedrons

In this book, you will find precise instructions with clear images on how to draw a range of geometric solids. The book includes both simple and more advanced drawings. Step-by-step instructional images are followed, in each case, by a full-colored picture of the finished solid, drawn with colored pencils.


Drawing and coloring the images
A Tetrahedron Inside a Tetrahedron
     Drawing a tetrahedron inside a cube
     A Tetrahedron Inside a Tetrahedron Inside a Cube
An Octahedron Inside a Cube
A Transformation Series From a Cube to an Octahedron
     Image 1: A cube
     Image 2: A Truncated Cube
     Image 3: A Cuboctahedron
     Image 4: A Truncated Octahedron
     Image 5: An Octahedron
A Stellated Octahedron
A Small Stellated Dodecahedron
A Great Stellated Dodecahedron
A Dodecahedron and an Icosahedron
     A Dodecahedron
     An Icosahedron
     A Dodecahedron Inside an Icosahedron
     An Icosahedron Inside a Dodecahedron
     The Golden Rectangles Inside an Icosahedron
The Golden Ratio
     The Golden Ratio with a Ruler and Compass
Drawing Symmetries with a Ruler and Compass
     A Ruler and Compass Construction for Drawing a Regular Hexagon
     A Ruler and Compass Construction for Drawing a Regular Pentagon
     A Ruler and Compass Construction for Drawing a Regular Decagon
     A Sixfold Symmetry Image
How many faces, vertices and edges?
Instructions for Teachers
Appendix 1: Pictures by Kepler
Appendix 2: Building a Tetrahedron

Coloring Geometric Images

This full colored book contains numerous instructions and illustrated examples of colored pencil techniques that are useful when coloring geometric images. It also includes instructions on how to draw three pictures for coloring.

In addition, you will find blue outlines of captivating, three-dimensional geometric shapes for coloring. You can use these as models for drawing the same shapes on your own paper. Included are an octahedron inside a cuboctahedron, a great stellated dodecahedron from two angles, three intersecting planes, a dodecahedron inside an icosahedron, an icosahedron inside a dodecahedron, a transparent rhombic dodecahedron and a small stellated dodecahedron from two angles. Each of these shapes is presented twice, with the first one already colored to help you visualize its form.

Drawing Circle Images: How to Draw Artistic Symmetrical Images with a Ruler and Compass

From simple to complex use a compass to draw fascinating artistic images. This book includes step-by-step instructions for all symmetries between threefold and twelvefold. Clear and precise black-and-white illustrations will guide you. The book provides ruler and compass constructions that you can draw without using units of measurement for three-, four-, five-, six-, eight-, ten- and twelvefold symmetries. In addition, it gives dimensions in inches (and cm) for all images, which you can use on both A4 and A3 sheets.

Coloring Books with Colored Outlines:

Here are free downloads of two coloring pages in Colorful Geometry Coloring Book. Please click the links below to get printable images. You can see small versions of them on the right.

Blue printable flower image

Brown printable flower image

Nature and Virtue Themed Exercises for Relaxation and Concentration: Guided Imagery, Visualizations and Drawing Tasks

Whether you have five minutes or an hour to spend with your group, you will find useful exercises in this book. Use them in silence or with quiet music, either indoors or outdoors in nature.

Write or project the instructions onto the classroom board, let your group relax, and take part in the calming moment. The exercises involve sitting, lying down, standing, or walking.

There are also colored pencil drawing tasks, which include nature observation and coloring virtues. The guided imagery poems explore nature themes and virtues such as peacefulness, courage, determination, kindness, patience, confidence, thankfulness, serenity, and wonder.

Cover image (opening oak bud) and green leaf drawings: Yadana Tun.

Contents (pdf)

Available also in British English:
Nature and Virtue Themed Exercises for Relaxation and Concentration: Guided Imagery, Visualisations and Drawing Tasks

Audiobook (American English)
Narrator: Douglas Andrew Toth

Audiobook (British English)
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Narrator: Rebecca Clamp
Recorded by: Hans Wessels

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